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Tamar Security engineers are fully conversant with all forms of access control ranging from simple single telephone entry systems to more sophisticated systems linked via pc's.

Audio Entry Systems provide a speech path between the premises and the front door, allowing you to verify the identity of a caller before granting access. Access is usually achieved by triggering a lock release or similar locking mechanism by simply pushing a button located on the telephone handset.


Video Entry Systems incorporate a miniature camera within the entrance panel housing and in monitors within the premises. Visitors can be identified both audibly and visually.Combining with Access Control Many entrance panel manufacturers now provide some means of enhancing a standard entry system by incorporating some form of access control within the entrance panel.


Access Control Systems can range from a simple keypad to magnetic card readers and proximity devices all the way up to multi-door PC based systems providing total control and monitoring of sensitive areas of your business premises.


Coded or Keypad Entry is probably the simplest and cheapest form of Access Control System currently available and provides access using a commonly known code, or in more sophisticated systems by a personal identification number (PIN) known only to the individual user. Card Access systems or Biometrics (finger print) require that anyone who has access to a particular area carries a swipe or proximity card which is offered up to a reader head, or have had their finger print registered to the system. Swipe cards as the name suggests, requires that the user swipe the card through the reader head to gain access. Some swipe systems incorporate numeric keypads for added security.



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